About Ice-O-Matic

We Really Like Ice

For decades, Ice-O-Matic has led the way in the development of advanced commercial ice-making solutions. 

We provide crystal-clear ice with a full line of cubers, flakers, and our patented pearl ice machines with a wide range of capacities to serve all scales of operation. We also offer the highest quality storage bins, dispensers, and water filters in the business.

Loaded with exclusive smart features that streamline the monitoring, cleaning, and maintenance of the unit while preserving safety and ease of operation, Ice-O-Matic machines offer the best value for your money.

Whether you’re considering our cubers, flakers or our Pearl Ice machines, our commitment is—and always has been—providing you with the simplest, most reliable and easy-to-use commercial ice machines. In addition, every Ice-O-Matic machine is backed by a world-class support network and the industry’s longest warranty. 

With a single-minded focus on top-quality ice machines, you’ll find the results of that focus in our ice. 

Ice. Pure and Simple.™ 


It's a Small Planet. Treat it with Respect.

At Ice-O-Matic we are committed to making a positive difference in the world and seek to take responsibility for the environmental impact of our business operations

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Perfecting Ice Since 1952.

Since 1952, Ice-O-Matic has worked tirelessly on developing, enhancing and perfecting the way ice is made. Founder Dave Smith’s mission was to offer the best ice machines in the business with a single-minded focus on top-quality ice. To this day, Ice-O-Matic is dedicated to providing simple, reliable and easy-to-use commercial ice machines.

The icy cold facts on Ice-O-Matic:

Company Name                                Ice-O-Matic
Leadership                                    President Erica Motes
Headquarters  Denver, Colorado USA
Ownership  Ali Group
Date Established      1952 in Denver, CO
Product SKUs      250+
Number of Employees      190+
Global Presence                                             We ship more than 200 models and more than 40,000 machines to more than 45 countries annually
Ice Types Produced      Grande, Full Cube, Half Cube, Pearl, Flake and Gourmet
American Manufactured      We produce 98% of all our products in our Denver, CO facility