It's a small planet. Treat it with respect.

At Ice-O-Matic we are committed to making a positive difference in the world and seek to take responsibility for the environmental impact of our business operations. 


Recycling Made Simple

With the implementation of a Single-Stream recycling process, everything thrown into the trash cans at Ice-O-Matic (other than liquids and food waste) is recyclable. Single-Stream recycling takes advantage of the fact that these recyclable materials can be commingled when collected and then separated later at the recycling center. This off-site sorting process makes it simpler for Ice-O-Matic employees to recycle and increases the amount of items that are recycled by more than 30 percent.

Stepping Towards Greener Manufacturing

At Ice-O-Matic, we're conscious of the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and are working to minimize it within our own Denver, Colorado manufacturing plant. The building utilizes high-efficiency lightbulbs, as well as a white roof installed specifically to reflect heat and consequently help cool the building during the hot summer months. Utilizing large ceiling fans instead of air conditioning is another way we are minimizing our energy usage.

Several pieces of the equipment we use during the ice machine production process are energy-efficient.


We are classified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as having zero storm water runoff, which means we're keeping the groundwater around our facility free of pollutants.

Wastewater Cleaning

We collect and remove contaminants and an environmental disposal company comes to remove the discharge.

Water Usage

In the plant, we've cut down on the water consumption used in our cleaning process manufacturing. Four years ago, we were using approximately 9,000 gallons per day; now we've reduced this number to 6,000 gallons per day.