MFI Series

Perfect for Presentation

Ice-O-Matic flake ice is ideal for both the presentation and preservation of perishable food items. Our flake ice extends the shelf life and appearance of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables for fresher displays that help increase sales. Flake ice is also preferred for use in bakeries, perishable food transport and health care applications.


Load-monitoring system continuously checks workload on gearbox, shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs.

Water Sensor

Water sensor eliminates low or no water failures and can not be affected by adverse water conditions.

Industrial-Grade Roller Bearings

 Industrial-grade dual-row roller bearings are located outside the ice-making zone for corrosion resistance and longer-lasting performance. 

No Side Clearance Required

Front and rear air exchanges for side-by-side machine operation. 

Ice-O-Matic Self-Contained Flake Ice Makers offer a variety of practical, reliable options for carefree operation. Each machine offers a built-in insulated storage bin for maximum ice preservation. Constructed for tight space restrictions and low height requirements, Ice-O-Matic Flake Ice Makers produce slow-melting quality ice that is guranteed to ehance the preservation of your presentations.

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